Achromatic Lens
Achromatic Lens
  • Crysmit have more than 10 years of experience in lens manufacturing, design, and optical precision assembly. We provide these lenses with the material of BK7, fused silica, sapphire, CaF2, and other glass raw material. 

  • Achromatic Lenses are doublet systems consisting of one crown and one flint element, cemented together along a matching curvature, so that white light coming into the lens is all focused (imaged) at the same point on the other side of the lens.They are designed to minimize spherical and chromatic aberrations for infinite conjugate, visible spectrum imaging applications. When used on-axis, an achromatic lens focuses an parallel input beam to a perfect "point", limited only by the effects of diffraction. This performance can be achieved over a broadband of wavelength. 

  • Achromatic lenses can be used to collimate and focus laser beams. They can also be used for high-quality imaging on-axis.

MaterialN-BK+N-SF5, etc.
Typical Diameter (Фmm)10.0, 12.7, 15.0, 20.0, 25.4, 30.0, 50.8, etc.
Diameter Tolerance (mm)+0.0/-0.02 (High Precision)
Paraxial Focal Length Tolerance (mm)±2%
Centration<3 arc min
Clear Aperture>90%
Surface Figure (@632.8nm)λ/4 (High Precision)
IRR ( @632.8nm)λ/10 (High Precision)
Surface Quality20/10 (High Precision)
Bevel (face width x 45°)<0.25mm
Coatinguncoated, AR, HR, PR Coating, etc.
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