Large Size BBO crystals

Time:2023-06-24 19:08

BBO crystal, invented by the Fujian Institute of Matter Structure, is a nonlinear optic crystal known for its excellent performance. It possesses wide-angle complementarity, exceptional transparency, large effective two-clock multiplier factors, and high optical homogeneity, making it widely used in laser frequency conversion, optical parametric oscillators, and amplification. Particularly in the realm of deep ultraviolet applications, BBO crystal showcases outstanding optical properties.

As laser technology continues to advance, the size and quality specifications of BBO crystal devices are becoming increasingly demanding. However, the current method of growing BBO crystals primarily employs straight tubular crucibles, which have the slowest solute transport. This leads to the growth of crystals below the germ nucleus, resulting in a columnar or even horn-like distribution of defects. Consequently, the size of the crystal is greatly affected.

We utilize larger volume taper crucibles and incorporate NaF and NaCl as additives. The addition of F- or Cl- ions effectively disrupts the network structure within the solution, resulting in a significant reduction in viscosity. Additionally, the larger volume taper crucibles can accommodate a larger volume of solution, allowing for the production of larger sized BBO crystals.

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