Penta Prism
Penta Prism
  • Penta prism can deviate an incident beam without inverting or reversing to 90°.The deviation angle of 90° is independent of any rotation of the prism about an axis parallel to the line of intersection of the two reflecting faces. 

  • It is commonly used in Plumb Level, Surveying, Alignment, Range finding and Optical Tooling. The reflecting surfaces of this Prism must be coated with a metallic or dielectric coating. The standard Penta Prism reflecting surfaces are coated with aluminum or enhanced aluminum.

MaterialN-BK7, Fused Silica,etc
Dimension Axh (mm)5.0×5.0~50.8×50.8
Dimension Tolerance(mm)±0.05
90°Deviation Tolerance3 arc sec
Flatness@ 633mmλ/8
Reflection (per face@400-700nm)R>90%
Surface Quality10/5
Coatinguncoated, AR Coating, etc
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