Superachromatic Waveplate
Superachromatic Waveplate
  • Exceedingly flat retardation over a broad wavelength range

  • Retardation:half waveplate or quarter waveplate

  • Wavelength range: 325-1100nm and 600-2700nm

  • custom wavelength range is available

  • NOA61 cemented structure

  • AR coatings on the surfaces

  • 25.4mm (1 inch) mounter configured

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Super Achromatic Waveplates are the high-performance version of Achromatic Waveplates with superior broadband functions, consisting of three Quartz single plates and three Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) single plates. The working principle of super achromatic waveplates is the same as that of normal achromatic waveplates: Through aligning the fast axes and slow axes of the constituent waveplates made from two birefringent materials, of which the changes in the birefringent indices (against wavelength) are complementary, the sensitivity of retardation to wavelength is significantly reduced. Adding up six waveplates, Crysmit develops zero-order super achromatic waveplates that generate exceedingly flat retardation over a broad wavelength range and drastically reduce the effects of external factors, therefore are of excellent reliability under various operating conditions. Super Achromatic Waveplates are a kind of broadband waveplates for applications across the ultra-violent spectral to the MWIR spectral. 

The most widely applied waveplates are Half Waveplates and Quarter Waveplates. Crysmit offers standard versions of quarter or half retardance super achromatic waveplates with three standard wavelength ranges from the Ultraviolet to the Infrared spectral: 325-1100nm and 600-2700nm (for quarter waveplates), or 325-1100nm and 600-2700nm (for half waveplates). The waveplates adopt a cemented structure, the six constituent plates are cemented using NOA61 (Norland Optical Adhesive 61), an optical grade solid adhesive compliant to the Federal Specification MIL-A-3920, which is solvent-resistant and extremely temperature-durable and is oriented for the best usage of these super achromatic waveplates. The surfaces of the plates are AR coated to ensure high transmission and low power loss of the system. If you require other wavelength ranges, contact our tech support and Crysmit could arrange the custom service for you.

RetardationHalf waveplate or Quarter waveplate
Wavelength Ranges325-1100nm or 600-2700nm
Surface Quality20/10 S/D
Parallelism<3 arc sec
Wave Front Distortionλ/8@633nm
Damage Threshold0.5 J/cm^2 (1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz, Ø1 mm)
CoatingAR coating@wavelength range
Mounter25.4mm (1 inch) Anodized Alumimium Mounter
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